Vanuatu, officially the Republic of Vanuatu, is an island country located in the South Pacific Ocean. It is an archipelago located approximately 1,750 km northeast of Australia, 500 km northeast of New Caledonia, west of Fiji, southeast of the Solomon Islands, and near New Guinea. The Republic of Vanuatu has a population of about 290,000 people and an area of ​​12,190 km2. Pslamma, English, and French are the official languages ​​of Vanuatu

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program

Citizenship by Investment Program for Vanuatu:

In March 2017, the Vanuatu government launched the Citizenship by Investment Development and Support Program (VDSP) to inject capital into its national fund (establishing schools, renovating hospitals, building multi-sport stadiums, and many projects in the public sector). The Citizenship Program allows applicants to become a citizens of Vanuatu without having to reside there.

Conditions for registering in the program:

Program Fees:

  • $5,000 USD: Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) fees.
  • $130,000 USD for a single applicant,
  • $150,000 USD for the principal applicant and his spouse,
  • $180,000 USD for the principal applicant, his spouse, and 2 children under 18 years of age,
  • $10,000 USD for each added child

After the payment of $5,000 and after obtaining approval from the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), the remaining fees are to be paid in two installments: 25% upon the file’s submission to the government and the remaining 75% upon obtaining the final approval.


  • Vanuatu citizenship is valid for life and cannot be revoked and there is no requirement to reside in Vanuatu.
  • Vanuatu recognizes dual citizenship and does not require holders of Vanuatu citizenship to renounce their other nationalities.
  • Vanuatu passport holders enjoy visa-free travel to the UK, the European Union, and many other countries.
  • Investors are granted privileges in commercial investments which offers them unique opportunities for business and tax planning.

Secure your Vanuatu citizenship without residency.

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