Expert USA Investor Immigration Program

To obtain a permanent residence visa (green card) in the USA, an investor must invest US$ 900,000 (plus US$ 98,675 in immigration, legal, and administrative costs). The investor is then issued a limited partner ownership certificate. The pooled capital of many limited partners is then invested into targeted development projects that meet the US Government job creation requirements.

Requirements and Process:

  • Investment of US$ 900,000 plus costs of US$ 98,675.
  • US$ 998,000 will be held in trust (escrow account) and returned, without deduction or interest, if the applicant is refused a US visa. Funds will be returned in 30 days after the refusal.
  • US Government filing fee – US$ 1,500.
  • Applicant must maintain the investment for a minimum of 5 years and should intend to spend 90 days per year in the US to maintain residency status.
  • After 5 years – return on investment (US$ 900,000).
  • Eligible to become US citizens after 5 years.
  • The USCIS reviews the file within 90 to 120 days. It normally takes 12 – 18 months for Embassy processing and interview. Visa approval is given at the interview.
  • The investor program requires that the new business creates a minimum of 10 full-time jobs for a minimum period of 2 years for each foreign investor. This requirement is already been met by the EB5 Program.
  • After 2 years, our US lawyers will help the investor file for the removal of conditional status.
  • No English language requirement.
  • No age restriction. * No minimum education requirement.
  • Investors and families can keep their home country passports and live and work anywhere in the US.
  • Children can attend any public school or university for the same costs as US citizens.

EB5 Investor Immigration Program

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